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Master student in Advanced Product Design


Interactive Stroke Therapy


Recover in the comfort
of your home

Getting back on your feet after a stroke is though, but new challenges arrive when you return back home. WIM empowers and supports patients recovery in the privacy of their home.

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IDEA by IDSA 2018 - Best In Show
IDEA by IDSA 2018 - Student Gold
BraunPrize 2018 - Student Gold
Core 77 Design Awards 2018 - Student Notable Consumer Product
Core 77 Design Awards 2018 - Student Notable Interaction
FastCompany Innovation By Design Award 2018 - Honourable Mention



Smart Table
Assembly Assistant


Advancing collaborative
human-cobot assembly


COOE is a smart table-based assembly system combining the strengths of the machine and the human. It takes human motions and behavior into account while boosting productivity as a collaborative team.

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Your Smart
Food Scanner


Quality ingredients?

Residues of pesticides or other harmful substances within our food are not detectable by the consumer. PRIO is a portable device that empowers you to identify harmful substances quickly and easily.

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BraunPrize 2018_logo_black.png

BraunPrize 2018 - Special Mention


Braun QT1

Parametric modeling


Creating a fully functional model


This screwdriver is the result of a redesign of an existing screwdriver with a modern interpretation of the heritage design language of the brand BRAUN. I created the model in SolidWorks and built a fully functional model with 3D printed and CNC milled parts.

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Thomas Helmer

Industrial Designer, MFA